Arterial medical (Pty)Ltd is a company with a vision to manufacture quality medical and surgical sundries at a competitive affordable price. It is also an importer and exporter of consumables. 

The main purpose of Arterial medical (Pty)Ltd is to assist healthcare institutions in rationalizing and streamlining their operational activities


Arterial medical (Pty)Ltd is 100% black-owned with black Female ownership at 44.5%, youth ownership at 21% and disabled people at 5%.

The directorship combined experience spans over more than 50 years in the medical field and 20 years in sales and services of medical equipment.

Arterial medical (Pty)Ltd utilizes a lifecycle product and services approach which delivers a holistic view into extended healthcare sales and support, ensuring that the client achieves maximum value over the life of a product and service.

The benefit of such an approach is that the client enjoys:

  • Single source for in-depth product and service knowledge
  • Closed feedback loop on health care products for continuous product and service improvement
  • Best in class health care solutions for services, planning and pricing
  • Technical information, warranty and contract management